InferiorTermnal Reference

InferiorTerminal is a library to prepare a reserved terminal to execute commands send from AppleScripts.

InferiorTerminal always send commands to a terminal specified with a name of which default value is “* Inferior Terminal *”. If your AppleScripts to run commands in open a new terminal every time, too many windows will be opened. By using this library, your scripts can send command to one terminal window always and you can prevent window cluttering.

To visually distinguish the terminal, the window title is changed to “* Inferior Terminal *” and a profile “Inferior Terminal” is applied to the terminal. If the profile “Inferior Terminal” does not exist, the settings set is generated by copying the default settings.By customizing the profile “Inferior Terminal”, you can change appearance of the terminal “* Inferior Terminal *”.

The name and the settings used for the terminal can be customized by utilizing a constructor method make_with.


use InferiorTerminal : script "InferiorTerminal"

InferiorTerminal's do("cd /Library; ls -l")

(* Customizing terminal name and settings *)
tell InferiorTerminal's make_with({title:"Hello", profile:"Ocean"})
do("cd /Library; ls -l")
end tell



Send a command to the terminal


Make a new InferiorTerminal instance giving custom title and settings name