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Generate a local loader script

Local loader is an applet of which script's parent is a result of this handler.Save the following example an applet with stay open option.Libraries can be located in the folder the applet is in.


script : local loader

(* An example of a local loader.
Save as SampleLocalLoader.app with "Stay Open" option.
property parent : script "ModuleLoader"'s local_loader()
(* An example of a script which obtains a library thru a local loader.*)
property LibForLocalLoader : "@module"
-- Customize behaivior of the local loader with defining special properties.
property _only_local_ : true -- if true, location to search for libraries is limited under the location the local loader is in
-- if true, the local loader searches for libraries at only the folder the local loader is in.
property _collecting_modules_ : true -- if true, alias files for libraries which is not under the local loader are created at the folder the local loader is in.

application (get "SampleLocalLoader")'s loader()'s setup(me)